Plan Design & Negotiations

Plan Design & Negotiations

Plan Design Plan Design & NegotiationsThis is the most strategic and important part of our process and will ultimately decide the cost of your insurance plan. Plan design is extremely important in this process. If you are under insured, you expose yourself to a potential risk and if you are over insured, you are throwing away your money on coverages that exceed your company’s needs.  The employees of the Stevenson Group spend a lot of time in this area to make sure that we have got it right.

Once you have established a plan design, negotiating the price for that coverage is next.  The Stevenson Group looks at every major and viable carrier in the market.   We give each carrier the parameters from which to base their bids and then we make them compete against each other to drive down the costs to the lowest possible level. The is one of our strongest areas and one that we are best known for.