Individual Proper Risk Strategies

Individual Proper Risk Strategies for Wealth Management

Financial Services Individual Proper Risk StrategiesM.I.N.D.
ultiplication Is Not Diversification

The “M.I.N.D.” in the M.I.N.D.© Risk Management System is an acronym for wealth management that stands for Multiplication Is Not Diversification. The M.I.N.D.© Risk Management System is a unique method of wealth management that emphasizes risk reduction.

Avoid these common wealth management mistakes:

  • Concentration Risk
  • Improper Asset Correlation
  • Misguided Diversification

Risk Management Highlights:

The M.I.N.D.© Risk Management System follows sound, time-tested investment principles that builds balanced and properly diversified portfolios of assets that are not highly correlated. Now there’s a way to measure ALL of the risk in your portfolio. It’s similar to your FICO credit score, the higher the score the lower the risk.