Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Employee Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance Dental InsuranceYou only have one set of teeth so it is important to make sure that they are looked at and maintained on a regular basis. The best way to do that is through an employee dental insurance program. This can be either a company benefit, a voluntary benefit or a combination of both. As with medical, there are several types of employee dental insurance plans to choose from and different benefit levels. Some of the dental plans include:

  • DMO’s – Dental Maintenance Organizational
  • Dental PPO’s – Preferred Provider Organizations
  • Dental MAC Plans – Maximum Allowable Charges
  • Dental Indemnity Plans

We have long standing relationships with numerous dental carriers and are able to get preferred pricing because of the volume of business that we write and number of companies that we represent.

How are we so different?
We are the endorsed agency for benefits for three of the largest associations in Houston. That represents approximately 3,000 companies and we use that number to negotiate the best benefits at the best possible cost for our clients on new and renewal coverage. We acquire and maintain these endorsements not only because of our preferred rates but also our commitment to excellent service.